Inspiration RX is a unique philanthropic based skydive demonstration team. IRX offers a marketing / branding platform that utilizes a variety of aerial sports to capture and maintain the attention of large groups of people. Inspiration RX athletes are focused on creating memorable aerial displays that will captivate your audience. The Inspiration RX team are skilled spokes models with a deep understanding of brand awareness and public relations. When you work with Inspiration RX, you can trust your brand, your event, and your product will be well represented.

Inspiration RX has partnered with Steve Webster and CMPR to ensure you, your event, and your brand gets the highest quality media coverage available.  CMPR is a sports and entertainment, publicity, marketing and PR agency based in Los Angeles.  Together we leverage our experience and our contacts in the media to get you the priceless exposure that is so necessary in today’s digital age.  

Nothing kicks an event off to a memorable start like skydivers swooping onto the field with smoke and an American flag. Aerial demonstrations with skydivers or paragliders will raise the profile of any event while creating a unique and memorable branding opportunity for your event and your event sponsors.

The market space is very competitive and in order to succeed you must give your brand exposure that will stand out and be remembered. Our ability to demand the attention of very large groups will ensure your brand will be remembered. Imagine your logo flying behind a skydiver landing in the Super Bowl... 

Inspiration RX Is passionate about boosting the moral of our countries disabled veterans as well as the children of our fallen heros. Inspiration RX has partnered with several 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to provide extraordinary experiences for wounded warriors and their families across the country.

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